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Music at a funeral (or memorial service) is for us: to accompany the deceased, by our music, on his/her journey to the spiritual world. Our music is an invitation to the family and the loved ones to go along in this process. So it will be easier for the deceased to travel.

This process can be healing and comforting for the family and loved ones.

Hoor ik je in het ruisen van de blad'ren

(do I hear you in the rustle of the leaves)

groei jij in de stam van deze boom

(are you growing in the trunk of this tree)

Streel jij met de wind zo door mijn haren

(are you stroking my hair by the breeze of the wind)

waarom heb jij daar nou geen telefoon.....

(why don’t you have a phone over there….)


(From the song “telefoon” by Harry van den Berghe)


The music at a funeral or memorial service will be arranged in close consultation with the family or the funeral attendant.

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