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Alarming things are happening in the world:  

Still we know: the answer to hate and fear is

never hate and fear. But how can we stay away from that?


Our concerts of silence can help you to get in contact with your inner and deepest silence.

In the marvellous, spacious acoustics of a church our string- and wind instruments sound timeless and soothing. 
The alto- and soprano lyre, the Japanese shakuhashi and the nada tarangini. But also the guitar and flute.

If you connect your inner- and deepest silence to the alarming things happening in the world, you come in the territory, where the answer to fear is not fear, but love. The answer to hate is not hate but forgiveness.

That is the amazing challenge we are facing now. 

The duration of a concert of silence is about an hour.

For our next concert in The Hague see the homepage.

An impression of our music with images of meditations at holy places on our beautiful planet. Nada tarangini with Shakuhachi.

An improvisation on the Ganesh lyre.

Ganesh lier - Wilma Diepgrond
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